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Join our growing international community of organizations who want a leaner and greener future

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Lean and green is an international community of organizations who want to learn, grow and build a better company and a more sustainable world together.
Lean companies are the future

Zero emission makes good business sense. Wasting increasingly valuable resources should no longer be acceptable to any organization. The L&G program provides valuable insights into how your company could operate more efficiently.

A greener, more sustainable world

We’re all aware real change is necessary in order to achieve a more livable, more sustainable world. Lean & Green offers the know-how to help organizations live up to their responsibility to make that change.

Social innovation

Big ambitions are rarely achieved alone. That’s why Lean and Green is first and foremost a close community of dedicated people in various lines of business working together and sharing their experience in achieving real emission reductions.

Measure results, make a difference

‘Green’ initiatives can often be clouded in idealistic words and soft goals. Lean & Green is different by providing real, measure targets, progress indicators and even competitive benchmarking analysis about your Lean and Green performance.

Facts & figures

Lean & Green companies:
per year
CO2 emissions in max 5 years

Join our growing community

Joining our international community and working towards a leaner and greener company is easier than you might think. The Lean & Green Europe program consists of five simple steps and clear, achievable goals for every step beyond the first. Contact us for more information, or take a look at our complete program.

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