Lean & Green connects multinationals, banking industry, public service and SME

Congratulations in Holland to 3 Lean & Green 2nd Star Winners, 11 Star Winners en 18 Lean & Green Award Winners on 23 June at Connekt’s Lean & Green Award Presentation in Rabobank Utrecht. Rabobank is the first bank in the Netherlands that joins Lean & Green, by committing itself to a CO2-reduction target of 20% in five years time regarding personal mobility. Lean & Green Ambassadors Fred Hooft (Bavaria), Annelies Hermens (Capgemini), Eric Kuindersma (Waterschap Rivierenland) and Albert Mulder (RDW) presented 32 organisations with their Lean & Green Personal Mobility/Logistics Award, Star or 2nd Star, together with Nico Anten, managing director of Connekt. The Lean & Green netwerk comprises more than 500 frontrunners in 6 European countries in the field of Logistics or Personal Mobility. The Netherlands now has

  • 131 Personal Mobility Award Winners, 12 Star Winners;
  • 225 Lean & Green Logistics Award winners, 106 Lean & Green Logistics Star Winners, 21 Lean & Green 2nd Star Winners. Read more in Dutch.
    160623 Lean _ Green Award...

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