First Benelux Lean & Green Award Ceremony

Logistics clusters from the Benelux region jointly present Lean & Green awards

Brussels, February 6, 2018| For the first time, VIL, Logistics in Wallonia, Connekt (NL) and Cluster for Logistics Luxembourg have jointly presented their Lean & Green awards to companies that are cutting their CO2 emissions. These awards were presented in the presence of Belgian Mobility Minister François Bellot and Luxembourg’s State Secretary for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, Camille Gira. The ceremony was held during a joint conference organized together with the Benelux Secretariat General. This year, under the presidency of Belgium, the Benelux Union is celebrating its 60th anniversary and is focusing its attention on greening.

Federal Mobility Minister François Bellot: “All mobility studies indicate that demand for mobility will continue to rise over the coming years, in both the passenger and goods transport sectors. This increased demand needs to be met in a sustainable way. That’s why the commitment shown by these companies is so important.”

State Secretary Camille Gira: “I am delighted about the commitment that companies have shown. This demonstrates once again that the message sent out by the Paris Climate Agreement has been taken on board: climate change concerns us all and we need to work together in all sectors of society to combat it”.

475 companies involved in the Lean & Green program
Since 2008, 475 companies from the Benelux countries have already undertaken to cut their CO2 emissions as part of the Lean & Green program. The aim of this program is to reduce CO2 emissions resulting from logistics activities by at least 20% in the space of 5 years. Lean & Green was launched in the Netherlands ten years ago by Connekt and is now active in eight European countries. Participants in the Benelux countries are working together closely, not only nationally, but also on a Benelux-wide level.

The program falls within the framework of the Paris Climate Agreement, as part of which some 200 countries have undertaken to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases such as CO2 and limit global warming to a maximum of 2°C, with a target of 1.5°C. To achieve these aims, systemic changes will be needed, including in the transport sector, which is responsible for over a quarter of European greenhouse gas emissions.

Lean & Green Awards
During this conference initiatives launched in the Benelux region relating to the optimization of the logistics chain, sustainable transport and innovation were discussed, with a view to further stimulating cross-border cooperation.

The day was brought to a close with a ceremony during which the Lean & Green Awards were presented to the participating companies, in the presence of François Bellot, Belgian Mobility Minister, and Camille Gira, State Secretary for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure in Luxembourg.

12 companies received a Lean & Green Award in recognition of their commitment to start cutting back their CO2 emissions. 7 companies were presented with the Lean & Green Star for the efforts they launched five years ago. This star is awarded to companies who have already achieved their target of reducing their CO2 emissions by at least 20%.

2017 Award Winners
SnackFood PocoLoco, Kaneka Belgium NV, Ahlers Belgium, Gosselin Logistics, JAS Forwarding Worldwide Belgium NV, Embassy Freight Services Europe N.V., KAMD, De Brouwer-Van Caudenberg, Transports Louwyck, Kronospan, WebTaxi, Luxport Group.

2017 Star Winners
Gilbert De Clercq, Van de Poel N.V., VDAB, Contraload, Remitrans, Garsou Angenot, Liege Airport.

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