Four new Award Winners in Luxembourg

The sustainable logistics label Lean & Green is gaining in importance in Luxembourg with four new winnersCargolux, GN Transport, Offergeld and Transalliance were honoured on Tuesday, June 28 2016 at the award ceremony. The participants of the second edition of Lean & Green program in Luxembourg pledged to find measures that enable them to reduce their ecological footprint.

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The award has been handed by the Minister of Sustainable Development and Infrastructures Mr François Bausch in the presence of Mr Nico Anten, head of the Dutch foundation Connekt. For Mr Bausch, „the CO2 emissions which are saved over the lifetime of the Lean & Green program by these four companies are an important contribution to the Government’s ambitious CO2 emission goals. Next to energy production for households, transport is a major contributor to CO2 emissions in today’s world be it private or goods transport. This program developed with the support of the Ministry for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure empowers future orientated businesses in transport and logistics and shows that ecological behaviour actually makes real business sense.”

The Award ceremony was held with the support of the company ProGROUP in the Solarwind building in Windhof, an office building with triple environmental certification. The building meets the highest standards of sustainable development and is ideal for handing out an ecological award like Lean & Green.

For more information, see the website of the Cluster for Logistics Luxembourg.

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