Launch of Lean & Green Europe 

Luxembourg-Delft, 1 July 2016

Connekt launched the program Lean & Green Europe this week in Luxembourg, during a Lean & Green Award organized by the Cluster for Logistics Luxembourg. As from 1 July 2016, companies can achieve their Lean & Green Award for sustainable logistics at a European level, eventually aiming at five Lean & Green Stars for zero emissions in logistics. The official launch of the program was attended by François Bausch, the Luxembourg minister of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure. With Lean & Green Europe, shippers, carriers and logistics service providers in the 500+ network of Lean & Green are scaling up in order to contribute to the greenhouse gas emissions target for transport & mobility set out in Paris last year. To achieve this target by 2050, the logistics sector should increase their CO2 reduction measures by a factor of six, as research of the Dutch Topsector Logistics and TNO Research Institute has shown.


Lean & Green Europe
Lean & Green Europe is Europe’s leading community for sustainable logistics. Companies who want a leaner and greener future are welcome to participate. They are awarded their European Lean & Green Stars for reaching clear CO2-targets on the road to zero emission. Lean & Green Europe combines corporate responsibility for reducing footprints with continuous improvement of operational performance and value for customers. In addition, Lean & Green Europe develops community-driven practical tools and guidelines for applying international emission calculation standards.

Lean & Green Ambassador Christophe Campe, VP Country General Manager at CHEP Deutschland GmbH:  “Lean and Green Europe is a further step change in the development of this successful program that currently already operates on an important international scale. It will further enable the exchange of best practices, provide opportunities for  benchmarking and facilitate  in takes of new partners. The international ecosystem of the participants, knowledge institutes, standardization bodies and Connekt underpins the passion for the sustainability and cost efficiency targets.”


16-0628 Jannie van Andel Luxembourg L&G Europe  16-0628 Christophe Campe Luxembourg L&G Europe

Lean & Green Ambassadors Jannie van Andel (Unilever) and Christophe Campe (CHEP) present Lean & Green Europe

Background Lean & Green
Lean & Green started in 2008 as an initiative of the Dutch Ministry for Infrastructure and Environment to reduce companies’ carbon footprints, and is carried out by Connekt, independent public-private network for smart, sustainable and social mobility. Many of these companies operate in different European countries such as, for example, Heineken, Arla Foods, SCA Hygiene Products, Lidl, CHEP, Bavaria or Unilever. The considerable success of Lean & Green instigated the launch of other European Lean & Green Chapters, in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy and Spain. On a national level, already more than 500 companies in Europe participate in the program. All of these companies are committed to reduce their CO2-emissions by optimising their logistics. Their total reduction is more than 400.000 tonnes CO2, and exponential growth is to be expected with the launch of Lean & Green Europe. Lean & Green welcomes congenial programmes to cooperate.

The festive launch took place at Solarwind, in Windhof Capellen, Luxembourg.



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