Lean & Green Europe at ITF Leipzig

Lean & Green Europe was present at the Summit of the International Transport Forum (ITF) in Leipzig with the ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management of the Netherlands and Connekt. Connekt hosted an official side event under the title “Transforming sustainable transport: from ambition to reality”.

Nico Anten (Executive Chairman, Connekt, and Co-founder of Lean & Green Europe) during the Official Side Event organised by Connekt


The event was moderated by Connekt’s executive chairman, Nico Anten, and included presentations by other high-profile speakers. First presenter at the event was Mark Frequin, Director-General for Mobility and Transport at the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management, who emphasized the importance of governmental involvement in Lean & Green Europe to create synergies. Afterwards, Christoph Stangl, Vice President of Purchasing Logistics, and Patricia Roessler, Junior Buyer Logistics Lidl, showed the successful results of Lean & Green Europe implementation at Lidl Germany. Paulo Humanes, Head of Global Strategic Business Development at PTV, was last to present and he depicted the possibilities of data analysis for smart and sustainable solutions, highlighting the new Lean analytiX tool, developed by Connekt and the Topsector Logistics.

An interesting question was posed by the audience concerning how data is found and collected. Nico Anten answered from his experience that data was more accessible than previously thought. He explained that while extensive, high quality data is often hard to collect, there is substantial information readily available at a lower quality. Mixing data of different quality already provides a sufficient basis for analysis, he added. The same opinion was supported by Paulo Hermanes who stressed the power of already existing data.

Christoph Stangl additionally highlighted the importance of correct and complete data in order to create a realistic digital image.

Patricia Rößler (Junior Buyer Logistics, Lidl) presents during the Official Side Event organised by Connekt

Patricia Rößler (Junior Buyer Logistics, Lidl) presents during the Official Side Event organised by Connekt


All in all, the ITF Summit was a very successful occasion to further build up the Lean & Green Europe network and promote the Lean & Green way towards zero emission.

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