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  • 47% of the companies understand that hydrogen vehicles are the main solution to reduce CO2 emissions of freight transport


  • Lean&Green Europe involves more than 450 companies from 13 European countries, all committed to the decarbonization of their logistics operations


Barcelona, 13 December 2019.- 66% of European companies are confident about cutting their CO2 emissions in logistics in half by 2030, according to the results obtained from the survey launched by Lean&Green, a European initiative committed to the decarbonization of their logistics operations, which involves 458 companies from 13 European countries.

Currently, 45% of companies are planning their loads and routes, and reducing the empty trips of their vehicles in order to decarbonize their processes, and 29% are betting on the renovation of their fleets by acquiring alternative fuel vehicles.

In fact, 69% of companies are willing to pay less than a 25% more for a sustainable truck, and a 9% are open to pay up to 50% during their fleet renovation process. Questioned about how many sustainable trucks they are planning to buy between 2025 and 2030, 39% of them expect to buy from 5 to 10, and 31% of the companies plan to by more than 25.

In that sense, 47% of European companies think that hydrogen vehicles are the main solution for the decarbonization on freight transport, and 17% visualizes a future with electric vehicles. On the other hand, up to 28% of them think there is too much uncertainty in the sector to know which alternative fuel vehicle will lead in the future.

Main barriers

Asked about the main barriers to decarbonizing their logistic processes, 53% of the Lean&Green partners pointed to the lack of technologies available – such as charging points and trucks powered by alternative fuels- and 27% of them reported a lack of support from their governments.

About Lean&Green

Since its launch in 2008, Lean&Green has involved 458 leading companies committed to reducing CO2 emissions from their logistics processes. 59% of the companies admitted that they were not calculating their carbon footprint before they joined the project. 75% of them affirmed that their commitment to calculating their carbon footprint responds to their environmental awareness and their willingness to demonstrate leadership in the transition towards sustainable production models.

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