The first ever 3rd Lean & Green Stars awarded

Lean & Green Europe takes the next step towards zero emission logistics: The first six companies in the Netherlands were honored with 3rd Lean & Green Star.

One year after the presentation of the 3rd Lean & Green Star concept, the first 3rd Lean & Green Stars were awarded to 6 companies that have achieved a new CO₂ target. Another 3 have received the certificate from Mariëtte van Empel, Program Director Sustainable Mobility of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, and Henk Krougman, Supply Chain Development Manager of Cargill BV and Ambassador of Lean & Green Europe. The Lean & Green Awards and Stars were presented on behalf of Connekt during the Sustainable Mobility Festival in Amersfoort on May 31st. All the winning companies pave the way towards the ultimate goal of the Lean & Green Europe program: zero emissions. In ten years, Lean & Green Europe has already grown into the leading European community for zero-emission logistics (symbolized by 5 Lean & Green Stars).

They do this together with > 500 Lean & Green companies in Europe. Today six Lean & Green Award Winners, four Lean & Green Star Winners, and four 2nd Star Winners joined this league-leader group.

Background 3rd Lean & Green Star

A necessary step towards zero emissions is to reduce inefficiency in the supply chain. Lean & Green leaders use the data analysis tool Lean analytiX ™ to achieve the 3rd Star: the first method for measuring CO₂ effectiveness in logistics. Lean analytiX ™ provides insight into CO₂ performance on the basis of hard data: how effective is transport against the emissions that are caused? This can be done in detail per customer or region per period, but also across international supply chains. This analysis turns out to deliver a lot of concrete savings and improvement potential, which can be tackled immediately – and thus directly leads to lower costs and decreased emissions. The 3rd Lean & Green Star is a real challenge due to the expansion of the scope from 50% to 75% with a company-specific target. In addition, the companies are challenged to contribute to the Factor 6 climate objective for logistics: by 2050 logistics must have increased its productivity by a factor of 6 compared to 1990.

Moonen Packaging gives the good example by collecting their Star in a CO2-free way: by bike from Eindhoven to Amersfoort!


Reduction targets for the star program of Lean & Green Europe

1st Lean & Green Star: 20% CO₂ reduction, 50% scope, within 5 years

2nd Lean & Green Star: 10% CO₂ reduction, 65% scope, within 3 years

3rd Lean & Green Star: 5% CO₂ reduction, 75% scope, within 2 years.

4th Lean & Green Star: demonstrably on track to climate target – annually re-measured.

5th Lean & Green Star: zero emission.


Yoni Van der Veken, Country General Manager, CHEP Benelux: “We are very pleased that we will receive this recognition as a leader. But more importantly, we hope that we can also encourage other companies to make the necessary efforts to make them more sustainable. ”

Please check below for all the successful companies who are already joining efforts for sustainable logistics!

The winners of the 3rd Lean & Green Star and the 3rd Lean & Green Star Certificate:

3rd Lean & Green Stars: Boston Scientific International B.V., CHEP BENELUX B.V., Lekkerland Netherlands B.V., Moonen Packaging, Tielbeke Transport B.V. and Kuypers Neer BV.

They are closely followed by three companies that have completed their plan of action for the realization of the 3rd Star objectives and have received the certificate for the Lean & Green 3rd Star: BCTN, for example, Jumbo Supermarkten B.V. and Rensa (view Jumbo and Rensa in the context of their Lean & Green efforts on RTL7 (in Dutch) via


Winners of the 2nd Lean & Green Star:

Cargill B.V., Van der Wal BV, PostNL Parcels Benelux B.V., Refresco Benelux B.V.


Winners of the 1st Lean & Green Star:

Nedcargo Logistics BV, Rabelink Logistics BV & CO.KG, Schotpoort Logistics Eerbeek BV, E. van Wijk Logistics B.V.


Winners of the Lean & Green Award:

For logistics: Coolblue Holding B.V., Bas van Ewijk Logistics BV, Euro Pool System International B.V., S & R transport.

For people mobility: Arriva Personenvervoer Nederland BV and Quicargo.

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