How to join Lean & Green Europe:

1 Demonstrate that your company is on a Lean & Green 1 Star level

  • Cover at least 50% of your emissions in your logistics processes
  • Or join in a national L&G program (1 Star level)
  • Or you have demonstrated your reductions in another program
  • Or you audited data that demonstrated you are ‘best of class’

2 Develop parameters as input for benchmarks and scatterplots

  • Join a working group within your sector to create methods for
    calculating and reporting logistics emissions

3 The membership for Lean & Green Europe:

  • It includes participation in working groups within the segments that are
    relevant for your organization
  • It includes L&G Europe community events
  • It does not include national memberships

Program features

  • Lean & Green Europe combines corporate responsibility for reducing footprints with continuous improvement of operational performance and value for customers.
  • Lean & Green Europe supports the exchange of best practices between members.
  • Lean & Green Europe develops community-driven practical tools and guidelines for applying international emission calculation standards.
  • Lean & Green Europe actively cooperates with standardization bodies such as the GLEC to bring the voice of the community in the discussions.
  • Lean & Green Europe is practical, data driven and evidence based, with community driven labels.
  • Lean & Green Europe supports confidential, anonymous and competition-proof benchmarking on a voluntary basis between members, within closed user groups.
  • Lean & Green Europe supports the incorporation of various national sustainability programs into a European label.
  • Lean & Green Europe supports the development of dependable and usable indicators and references, based on community experiences.
  • Lean & Green Europe is a strong brand , recognized by authorities, with a clear vision on the path how companies lower footprints to sustainable levels.

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